Thursday, May 21, 2009

In The Know...Truckee California Writes About Greenhorn Ranch
In the Spring of 2007, Dr. Lisa Kaufman Kelly and her husband Mike left their corporate jobs, and made their way west to Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch in Quincy, CA. Lisa now manages the hospitality side of the business at Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch, while her husband manages the Ranch operations. So how does a PhD from Purdue University wind up running a guest ranch? As they say, “to make a long story short”….

It started in the 70’s when Lisa’s family, in a search for the perfect family vacation, found Greenhorn Ranch in Sunset magazine. With horseback riding, REAL cowboys, singing around a bonfire, log rolling in the pond, and wild western dances, the family found an ideal destination. Lisa’s parent’s bought 7 parcels of land around the Ranch, built a log cabin, and returned with the family to Greenhorn Ranch at every opportunity.

After going off to college, graduate school, and starting a family of her own, Lisa ended up as Dr. Kelly, director of a private business college in Reno, NV. Seldom taking family vacations and finding her family tethered together by technology, bound to the telephone, and glued to monitors in work and play, Lisa decided it was time to take her family to Greenhorn Ranch. After a horseback ride, cookout, and an overnighter, the family put money down on 6 amazing acres adjacent to Greenhorn Ranch and bought a trailer. Lisa was back home and it felt good!

Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch is a short drive from Truckee, CA. Horseback riding is the main activity at Greenhorn, while the summer is packed full of activities like swimming, frog racing, fishing, and a real rodeo where you, the guest’s, are the featured attraction! Spring and fall offer the perfect setting for meetings and retreats, family reunions and special events. Greenhorn Ranch has plenty of modern amenities, no “roughing it” required! For more information go to or call 1-800-33-HOWDY

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